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SSFT Fit Kidz GO! & ROW! Programs

Since 2019 Stevenage Sporting Futures have funded the hugely successful Fit Kidz GO! Program, working with their partner schools each school year.

Fit Kidz GO! is a 4-week program that encourages year 3 and/or year 4 children to get active and achieve individual and team challenges. It consists of four weekly sessions where they get to use various pieces of functional fitness equipment. They also get to learn some bodyweight exercises, and we educate them about the muscle groups activated throughout all exercises. The children get to work individually and in pairs or small groups, and they receive a certificate on completion of the program.

Alongside this we introduced the Fit Kidz ROW! program in 2021-22, targeted specifically at year 6 pupils. Using Concept 2 rowers, as found in many gyms across the UK, we run one-off sessions that teach the true art and technique to rowing, setting the children a time and distance challenge as well as asking them to compete in the ‘Fish’ game. Again, certificates are awarded to all participating year 6 children on completion of their session.

The schools currently participating during the 2022-23 academic year are:

  • Almond Hill Primary School
  • Ashtree Primary School
  • Bedwell Primary School
  • Broom Barns Primary School
  • Camps Hill Primary School
  • Codicote C of E Primary School
  • Fairlands Primary School
  • Featherstone Wood Primary School
  • Giles Primary School
  • Graveley Primary School
  • Knebworth Primary School
  • Larwood Primary School
  • Longmeadow Primary School
  • Longsdale School
  • Moss Bury Primary School
  • Peartree Spring Primary School
  • Roebuck Academy
  • Round Diamond Primary School
  • Shephalbury Park Primary School
  • St Ippolyts C Of E Primary School
  • St Margaret Clitherow RC Primary School
  • St Nicholas C Of E Primary School
  • St Vincent De Paul Catholic Primary School
  • (The) Leys Primary School
  • Trotts Hill Primary School
  • Woolenwick Junior

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