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Fit Kidz CIC are now working with Future Youth Inspired (FYI) Ltd. to help offer a specialist mentoring service to some of the most vulnerable young people and their families through a relationship-based and multi-agency approach.

Too many young people are ending up in the care system due to the strain families are under in modern society. FYI support families to get back on track through relationship-based mentoring. The young person will also be enrolled on to The Duke of Edinburgh Award, while engaging in enrichment activities. This will enable young people to work towards and gain nationwide certificates during the mentoring support package.

FYI also offer short-term bespoke education timetables for teenagers struggling to access their mainstream education. Timetables can be confirmed and ready to start within 10-14 days upon referral. The aim of the education bespoke timetable is to reduce the time frame young people are out of education, reignite a passion for learning through creative and personalised plans, and support with transition back to their on-roll school with specialist mentors involved with the process, the proprietor of Fit Kidz CIC being one of those mentors.

For more information visit the FYI website at

To make a referral contact FYI via their online form or email at

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